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1 orb will cost you
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what you pay
with 1 orb you can buy
1 ⨯
← 0.0004 ⨯
2400 ⇐ 1
1 ⨯
→ 2400 ⨯
api online · IGN: whcfgj · Stock: 3025 whetstone Contact seller
1 ⨯
← 0.0005 ⨯
2210 ⇐ 1
1 ⨯
→ 2210 ⨯
api online · IGN: Dominus_Pizza_Delivery_ · Stock: 12015 whetstone Contact seller
1 ⨯
← 0.0006 ⨯
1800 ⇐ 1
1 ⨯
→ 1800 ⨯
api online · IGN: dragonworkx · Stock: 1435 whetstone Contact seller

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Don't get scammed when buying Rope Nets or Perandus Coins

Sometimes instead of selling you a Rope Net or Perandus Coins the seller will instead attempt to enter your map and hook your BiS +50 Maximum Life Goldfish or buy that sweet underpriced "Mirror of Kalandra" from your Cadiro.

Please read this short guide twice before proceeding.

The short version is: Don't invite the seller to your party and never accept their party invite. Instead, add them to friends list, right click and Visit Hideout.

Wait 5 seconds... Proceed to the contact form


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you receive
you pay

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Big problem! We don't know 's IGN. Here's their profile on Maybe it has the IGN somewhere?

Alternatively you can contact via forums: here's their profile on