The following currency tags are supported on Please note that currency tags supported on might differ.

This information is provided for premium stash tabs owners.

NameSupported tags
Orb of Alteration alt
Orb of Fusing fuse, fus
Orb of Alchemy alch, alchemy
Chaos Orb chaos, choas
Gemcutter's Prism gemc, gcp
Exalted Orb exa, ex
Chromatic Orb chrom
Jeweller's Orb jew
Orb of Chance chance, chanc
Cartographer's Chisel chisel, cart
Orb of Scouring scour
Blessed Orb bles
Orb of Regret regret, regr
Regal Orb regal, rega
Divine Orb divine, div
Vaal Orb vaal
Scroll of Wisdom wis
Portal Scroll port
Armourer's Scrap arm, scr
Blacksmith's Whetstone bla, whe
Glassblower's Bauble gla, ba
Orb of Transmutation tra
Orb of Augmentation aug
Mirror of Kalandra mir, kal
Eternal Orb ete
Perandus Coin coin, coins, p, shekel, perandus
Silver Coin silver
Sacrifice at Dusk dusk
Sacrifice at Midnight mid
Sacrifice at Dawn dawn
Sacrifice at Noon noon
Mortal Grief grie
Mortal Rage rage
Mortal Hope hope
Mortal Ignorance ign
Eber's Key eber
Yriel's Key yriel
Inya's Key inya
Volkuur's Key volkuur
Offering to the Goddess offer
Fragment of the Hydra hydra
Fragment of the Phoenix phoenix, phenix, pheon
Fragment of the Minotaur minot
Fragment of the Chimera chimer
Apprentice Cartographer's Sextant apprentice-sextant
Journeyman Cartographer's Sextant journeyman-sextant
Master Cartographer's Sextant master-sextant
Sacrifice set sacrifice-set
Mortal set mortal-set
Pale Court set pale-court-set
Shaper set shaper-set
Splinter of Xoph splinter-xoph, splinter-of-xoph
Splinter of Tul splinter-tul, splinter-of-tul
Splinter of Esh splinter-esh, splinter-of-esh
Splinter of Uul-Netol splinter-uul-netol, splinter-of-uul-netol
Splinter of Chayula splinter-chayula, splinter-of-chayula
Blessing of Xoph blessing-xoph, blessing-of-xoph
Blessing of Tul blessing-tul, blessing-of-tul
Blessing of Esh blessing-esh, blessing-of-esh
Blessing of Uul-Netol blessing-uul-netol, blessing-of-uul-netol
Blessing of Chayula blessing-chayula, blessing-of-chayula
Xoph's Breachstone xophs-breachstone
Tul's Breachstone tuls-breachstone
Esh's Breachstone eshs-breachstone
Uul-Netol's Breachstone uul-netol-breachstone
Chayula's Breachstone chayulas-breachstone

Sometimes Path of Exile game client does not support newest currencies. In this case you can list your offers by switching to the "Note" mode and typing text yourself.

For example, if you want to sell Exalted Orbs for Blessing of Uul-Netol at a rate of 5 exalts = 3 blessings, right click an exalted orb, switch to "Note" and type "~b/o 3/5 blessing-of-uul-netol". This means that 1 exalted orb equals 3/5 blessings or, using the magic of math, 5 exalts equal 3 blessings.

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